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Afib changing

Hello all

I have been diagnosed with PAF for just over one year. I have been on Apixoban for one year. The PAF only came at night and I have had no side effects from the Apixoban.

I am generally fit and well, a 69 year old lady. I walk 5/6 miles every day, and in November went on holiday to India of three weeks travelling all around and had a wonderful time, no problems.

So far so good.

However! have just got over a short bout of a viral gastric bug and since then have been experiencing episodes of AF during the day.

my questions are: could the virus have triggered my af to come more often, and during the day when previously only at night?

and also, i have noticed my bp is very low during an attack. this morning 99/55.This scares me - Is this what happens? or is everyone different?

I was very positive about my fib, but this has set me back and would appreciate any feedback.

thank you

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We are all different but generally this happens. Do understand that few BP machines are accurate when you are in AF but generally due to the reduction in pumping capacity of the heart during AF pressure may well be lower resulting in some cases in fainting or black outs.

AF is generally accepted as being a progressive condition so it may be just natural progression but also any infection which increases inflammation in the body can increase AF events so it may subside again if you are lucky.

Other than the anticoagulation you mention (Apixaban) you do not say you are taking any drugs for your AF so maybe time to speak to your medical team again.



AF just at night is normally vagal AF and I'm wondering if there is a connection , in your day time attacks, with food- some people find smaller meals help if that is the case I'm sure others will advise.

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Thank you both for your reassuring thoughts and advice.

I'm due to see my EP in a couple of weeks for annual review. Shall mention then.

Thanks again


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