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Blue lips - swollen lips

After Afib for 4 months I had cardioversion and my lips feel swollen. Is that the opposite of blue lips. I was in Afib for my appointment so I had my cardioversion 3 days ago, I was worried it would be NSR and I be sent home, but wow! I feel like a different person, more energy, not breathless and resting HR 20 BPM lower, back to Pre diagnosis levels. Strangly my lips feel swollen. Anyone else experienced this?

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Amazing how NSR feels after AF isn't it? Well done but do remember it isn't a cure just a re-boot. You still need to pursue some long term treatment.


Swollen lips may be some sort of allergic reaction. Are you on any new meds or did they give you something you've never had before with your cardioversion? Glad you are back in NSR. If the swelling doesn't resolve in another day or so, I would consult your GP


Hi, my lips are not swollen, but just feel like they are, it's mainly first thing in the morning. I haven't changed any meds or my diet. Thanks.


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