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Hi from Australia,

Having, hopefully more than just, PAF in common with the rest and after reading some of the posts, I decided to join. Perhaps I am lucky, given the bad luck of having the ****** affliction. I live a mostly normal, asymptomatic life, being aware of AF indirectly by feeling my pulse. If plagued while running, I continue but slower. The reduced heart output is then hard to ignore.

Pulmonary vein isolation did not seem to help, hence Maze procedure is my next thought. I plan search this forum for any related posts and of course would appreciate comments.

For now, the best wishes to all

J (-:

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Welcome aboard. I've had AF since 2012 and it's put me through 9 DC cadioversions and 2 PV Ablations and an electrical study. It's been an animal recently and they are now thinking some other SVT or branch block


Is the Maze procedure one of your options? It seems highly successful

J (-:


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