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Eliquis and Diastolic Heart Failure

I've been on Eliquis for 1-1/2 months. At first I was having a problem with low blood pressure. I noticed that 2 hours after I took Eliquis (5 mg.), my blood pressure would drop considerably, e.g. from 102/68 to 90/58. Now I'm noticing a trend where the systolic number will be normal to elevated and the diastolic will be low. I think this puts me at risk for Diastolic Heart Failure. I read somewhere else on another site that Heart Failure was an unmentioned 'side effect' of Eliquis. Anyone else experience this??

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no- it's been good for me- I don't think heart failure has been shown to be a side effect


I have heart failur been on eliquis for 3years no prob it is an anticoagulant


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