Op canx because of AF

Hi, just found this site while researching AF , I was supposed to have a knee replacement tomorrow (fri) but has been cancelled after anaesthetist got the results back (7 weeks later) from my 24hr monitor, being referred back to my cardiologist hopefully asap to change meds. My AF was first discovered 5 yrs ago when my bp bottomed out after a hip replacement , since then I've been taking Dabigatran (blood thinner) 150mg x twice daily, atenolol 50mg x twice a day, doxazosin 2mg x 1 daily, lisinopril 20mg x 1 daily , nurse told me not too panic but of course I am, apparently there are significant changes in my AF since last heart monitor and knee replacement op 2 years ago . Hopefully I don't have too long a wait to see cardiologist ...

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  • very disappointing for you let us know how you get on

  • Once my EP said I was medicated and he was happy my ops always went ahead

  • You sound like a good candidate for an EP (electrophysiologist), the cardiologist who specializes in heart rhythm problems. That's the best way to be evaluated definitively for, perhaps, ablation. If your AF is changing, probably advancing, the sooner the better.

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