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Good report I think

Hi just an update... on my last post. Went to cardiologist and we discussed all things Heart. My cholesterol is all good now no bad numbers so no new drugs needed. I am to reduce off Flecanide over the next 3-4 months. 1/4 of a tablet reduction each time over 4 weeks for each reducing dose. It will be a quite a long time but my episodes of flutter he thinks will not be affected by the withdrawal and I have strict instructions to resume the medication should I relapse into the old AF situation. I am hoping that getting of Flecanide might help a few of the sensitivities I am experiencing while on this medication and the cardiologist feels if its flutter then Flecanide is a no-no anyway. so then I will be back to a pip with this medication. Very happy about a;l of this ...all the best to everyone cheers Jo xx

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That sounds like great news Missey, please keep us informed on how your Flecainide reduction plan goes as I want to do the same and 1/4 tablet steps seems logical.

Incidentally, I would also worry less on cholesterol levels (unless you have a special issue). From what I have read and experienced this emphasis on reducing cholesterol could be more drug company hype. My level has been static around 7 for the almost 20 years I have been testing it and I have a full fat diet deliberately for health as well as it being more enjoyable. I was a tad concerned that my heart and carotid arteries would be narrowed but tests 2 years ago re AF should they were all clear.


hi thanks for your reply. I won't be reducing the flecanide until another few weeks. The respiratory guy has put me back on Singulair which I had a reaction to last time I was on it. So 1 change at time. The cardiologist said wait till I come back from our holiday (3 weeks) post queens birthday holiday. So will do that. My cholesterol results are really good now so I will continue eating apples and having more fibre. and I've lost a couple of kg. so that's helping too. slowly slowly said the snail ...

best wishes I will keep you informed as I go.

thanks again Jo



Good to hear, onwards and upwards. 👍

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hope all goes well - but I would ask how much Flec to take if you go into AF - ie what dose will be required to get back to NSR - I found that it was quite a heavy does - but you need to ask about this as at some stage you may well find you need the info - hope not but better safe than sorry.

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