Ablation Day 2

Heart feels MUCH better (well actually, I generally don't notice it at all, which is much better). Have to careful not to do too much and risk opening the wound. Waking up with plenty of energy, though tends to wear off in the late morning. Had quite a few early beats and a couple of shot runs of fast heartbeats last night, but I was very tired by then.

Made on slightly silly mistake. At the shops, I was putting the trolley back (my wife had done all the lifting of heavy bags) and an old bloke tripped and fell flat on his face. Without thinking I went and helped him up. Afterwards I realised that I maybe should not have done that, but the only other people around him looked even older. I survived it anyway.

3 Replies

  • well done !! take care

  • Good news - long may NSR cotinue for you.

  • Well done, im on day 5 today, I have also encountered a few episodes of fast heart rate , mainly last night after eating and will speed up when im doing something. Hopefully will soon settle, all the best in your recovery

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