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Ablation 2 days ago!

Well thank you all for your wonderful support. I survived ablation day. It was just as most of you described.

The drugs made me very woozy, talking rubbish (no change there) so i dread to think what i was saying...

The staff were all brilliant and very organised so i felt quite safe

It did burn a bit at one point but i wasn't slow in making a fuss so they topped up the morphine

They fixed multiple arrythmias and a flutter, took about 3 and a half hours, staying in overnight

I was sick afterwards, and they put up a fluid drip, also had low bp but was watched very closely

It is worth it to get it done after 6 years of steadily worsening episodes and lack of energy

So elated it's over. Have had a couple of ectopic beats but that's normal at this stage

Just feel a bit tired and "hungover" but it's only day 2

p.s. can anyone explain how someone who is starved and then sick mangaged to Gain 4 pounds in weight?

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Glad it went well. Just make sure that you do nothing for the next week. I was told that that the remote control, phone and iPad were allowed and definitely no lifting!!!!

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Well done, good job. Now rest, rest and rest some more. Cant explain the 4lb weight gain though.

Take care its all behind you now (the experience not the weight lol).


It's good to hear that all went well and I hope that you are soon 100% fit. Now where can that 4lbs of weight come from! Were you weighed on different scales?

Best wishes



Hi there. Glad I read your post as I'm having an ablation done and am soooooo nervous, I just wish I could be asleep when they did it!!

You sound as though it wasn't as bad as you were expecting, did you feel really well sedated?

I'm worried cos I'm such a wriggler, I can't keep still for 2 minutes so am worried about moving as it's a really long time to keep still.

Can you come off all the drugs that you're on eventually, as I'm on so many and they make me feel exhausted.

I hope it works for you and you feel normal really soon.

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Thank you all for your replies. Nannadee- don't worry, they will not let you wriggle! they will just increase the sedation...I wasn't on any drugs (except Warfarin) for a long time beforehand as i didn't get on with any of them. As you say, they increase the fatigue. Although it's early days i already feel better as before i felt i was "breathing through a wet sponge" you know that horrible feeling when you can't seem to take a deep enough breath.

The ablation day is a bit like being in labour, for those of you who've had children, scary but remember "it's only one day out of your whole life" and it's for a very good reason.

I keep waiting for the AF to do it's thing - but it's not doing it anymore! my chest feels calm and quiet, have to keep checking pulse to see if i'm still alive!

Getting up from a chair is also easier already, i used to feel like a ten ton weight. Best of all is not having that date hanging over you....mine was cancelled 3 times so to finally get it done is amazing. A lot of patience and stoicism is required to get through the waiting period.

keep going, you will get there in the end

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Hey that's really weird. I put on wieght too. I couldn't believe it!

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ARR well done and take it easy! Not sure about the weight though?

Good luck Wendi x


Ha ha bad luck I reacon! Glad its gone well for you though .


Hi. Strange this weight gain. I've always had a stable weight of 95 kg and never been able to put on an ounce. 5 ablations later and being on warfarin I put on 8 kgs. Think it might be the warfarin. Didn't worry me though as I am 6ft 8"



Dodgy scales that some quacks set to make us all look a few kilo's heavier when we are not, some quacks always looking for ways to keep us on their payroll - speaking from experience I am. Happy the procedure is over for you now. Had mine 9 months ago and still 100%, trust you get the same results as I have had, good luck.

For me its been no alcohol, no caffeine and learning to play the didgeridoo, apparently the circular breathing has a positive effect in getting a good night sleep, prevents sleep apnoea - now in the pool twice a week doing a bunch of laps - just getting fit as I can.


Hi Froggy

glad you are doing well and getting fit. I had to stop going to the gym a year ago as just too tired, but have kept swimming, slowly...

Unfortunately i weighed myself on my brand new home scales, so can't blame the doctors for that one!

Have heard that Warfarin can cause weight gain? or could it be that those of us on Warfarin are just generally knackered anyway?

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Wouldn't know, never taken Warfarin. I was given Amiodarone and Digoxin to combat AFIB for 10 years. Used both drugs on an off. Topped up with Amiodarone, it would stay in my system till I had another attack then back on the Amiodarone again, it was merry go round of real annoyance as that treatment certainly reduced quality of life as I am sure everyone on here would agree. Always the risk of Digoxin poisoning too. Just so happy after 10 years I don't have to take those drugs anymore. Hope it all goes well for you and you end up off all the drugs as well one day as I am.


And then I read articles like this after being prescribed Amiodarone and Digoxin for so, so many years... - wow?! Do some cardiologist even know what they are doing?! Apart from making a lot of money. Took the 3rd and very honest cardiologist to finally fix me. Good luck, hey?!


So happy for you!! I can't quite imagine not being completely knocked out for it though. Must do things differently there in UK. I wonder if weight gain was water. I recently had colonoscopy and gained and lost seven pounds in the one day from prep to finish! All water.


wish I could gain weight, since my ablation (17th Feb) and slight amendments to daily eating plan I lost around over half a stone which I am trying so hard to pur back on but all to no avail.


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