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hi everyone its been awhile since i have posted anything on here just letting you know that i saw my cardiologist last week and he has given me the all clear i dont have to go back to him with a bit of luck. It has been nearly a year since my ablation and all is well i did have a few ups and downs but with the help of you good people i got through it thank you so much for all your help before and after the ablation

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  • Hi. I also am at almost a year after my ablation. Surgery was in July and the only real episodes have been scattered and lasting only a few seconds. I do feel a "quiver" at night occasionally, but if I take a deep breath it goes away. Pulse is always at 70-75.

    So happy for u. Still on blood thinners? What is your age?

  • hi Oldcarol im on no meds haven't been for 11 months and im 66 my rhr is 64

  • I have sleep apnea, a little overweight(50 lbs ). No b/p problems or other health issues. My age and risk factors are enough to be on apixaban.i am hoping to get off the betablocker(metoprolol) when I go back for my checkup.

  • Interesting you find a deep breath helps in stopping a potential AF episode. I also have done this for some time and now take 3 or 4 deep breaths periodically during the day.

  • Always good to hear a story like this. I hope you continue to enjoy life.

  • What great news, well done. I am only two weeks into my recovery from an ablation and have had atrial tachycardia following it. So it feels like a long hard slog but so great to know from everyone here that we can combat this and live 'normal' lives.

  • That's good news, well done.

  • ashburton I did have a few hiccups along the way as is normal after an ablation and without the help from the folks on here i dont know what would have happend this is a great group of people very caring and understanding and they helped me a lot . Have faith and you will be back to as normal as you can get after an ablation goodluck

  • Great news - always nice to hear good stuff. Thanks for bothering to update. Gives peeps encouragement! :-)

  • Brilliant news. Xxx

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