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I was wondering: I seem to be in a prolonged to non-stop period of "flutter" when not in Afib. Not sure what it is, but my heart seems to "role" and spasm. Not uncomfortable but annoying. Can anyone tell me what this is? I often wonder is it Palpatations? I know what an attack of Afib feels like, my heart jumps from 54 bpm to 120 bpm and stays there for some time. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Palpitations just means that you are aware of your heart. There is no medical definition of a specific arrhythmia. It is most likely ectopic beats when you feel like a missed beat but if you are worried speak to your doctor and see if you can have a 24 or 48 hour holter monitor to see what is going on.


Just came off three weeks on a Holter. Have not seen the Doc regarding that yet. Thanks.


I'm just back from a cardiology appointment, told my atrial flutter is far more symptomatic that the LBBB and AF!!


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