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low blood pressure with irregular heartbeat

Hi All

Has anyone else experienced this. The other day, my heart was irregular

with a pulse of 110. My blood pressure was 97/54. Needless to say my head felt as if it was going to explode. My pulse then went down to 40 - irregular for hours. It then shot up to over 100 irregular and I blacked out for a few seconds. I pressed my recorder, thought I might hear from the hospital.

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I think it fair to say that if your heart was irregular then neither the rate nor the BP would read accurately but it is not impossible for pressure to fall in such circumstances . This is why people often faint or feel dizzy during AF events. Of course if this is happening then you MUST NOT DRIVE until the problem is sorted out.

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Thanks Bob

I know the 40 rate was correct as I counted the throbs in my neck, and it agreed with the monitor. Obviously I just assumed the blood pressure reading was correct as well. but perhaps you are right



Just thought I had better confirm. The world is safe, I do not have a driving licence.

Does this mean I also cannot drive my husband up the wall??????


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