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I seem to be going round in circles Just had to stop taking Amiodorone as have developed hypothyroidism Nothing else has been prescribed I asked my GP to be referred to an EP and all he was willing to do was to refer me back to the cardiologist I was under to discuss it with him What I want to know is wether I can refer myself to an EP, if anyone can suggest a good EP at Harefield which is my nearest hospital and if I have to pay in the first instance wether I can then revert to to the NHS with the same EP at a later date Many thanks

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Sounds a little like my first experiences before I saw an EP. It was the cardiologist who wouldn't refer to EP and then refused to treat me because I went to EP out of area anyway, not the GP. - see para choosing your hospital and specialist.

If you live in the U.K. You have some rights under the NHS charter, read and have to hand, to be referred to any specialist of your choosing however you do need a referral from your GP so assertiveness is sometimes required.

Sometimes you may have to travel out of area as not all geographical areas are well covered but the major centres in the regional cities are i.e.: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, York, Bristol & Exeter + a few more.

My suggestion would be to go to the AFA site and look at the list of specialist, choose one and then go back to your GP and ask to be referred.

If you have the resources it may be worthwhile to see your choice of EP privately, many of us did - cost in UK circa £200-300 + cost of test usually an ECG, you then transfer to that EP's NHS list - but it is good practice to have a letter of referral from your GP giving your medical history.

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Thanks That was most helpful


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism before being prescribed amiodarone and I am ding fine. I just get regular blood tests to ensure that my thyroxine levels are steady and that my dosage doesn't need to be changed.


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