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Flutter Ablation - Update

Had my ablation for Arterial Flutter on 13 April 2017. Right leg is bruised, numb and tingly (like a nettle rash). Still breathless, still tired, still on 10mg of Bisop.

Flipped back into Arterial Flutter on Monday 1st May. That's Flutter, not Fibrillation. Got myself to A&E and was duly Controverted. Had a chat with yet another Cardiologist who appeared a little confused about my situation. He wants me to get a MRI scan in case my heart has remodelled.

I'm not sure if 2.5 weeks is long enough for an ablation scar to form properly and start holding back the rouge electrical impulses.

I feel my tiredness and breathlessness is down to the 10mg of Bisop and once my Flutter ablation scar has formed I may be able to reduce it.

Has anyone else had this sort of experience?

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Far too early. Three months is average so try not to worry.


Thanks Bob, I know you are correct but it would have been nice to see some sign that it was working, even 2 weeks in. Only another 2.5 months to go!


I think two weeks is probably the worst time to be honest. Reading every post as I do this does seem to be the time people start to panic!

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