Recent Ablation

Hi all just got out of hospital after having an ablation yesterday at 9.00am.

Got home today felling a little weak and tired.

Having minor palpitations but I'm putting this down to the new ablated heart and waiting for the scar tissue to harden?

Feel a little shortness of breath when I do move around to quickly and have a few aches and pains in the chest area, but on the whole feeling ok

Still on all previous meds for the next few months.

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  • Well done. Not surprised you are feeling a bit weak and tired, you've had a busy day! Now switch into slow living for a week or two and listen to your body.

    Good health and good luck.

  • Thanks Peddling nice to know we are not alone.

    Thank you

  • "Dr" Bob's instructions . Do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second and then gradually ease back to normal. . It will take at least three to six months for your heart to fully repair itself after this procedure so don't be worried of you have some oddities along the way.



  • Thanks bond i will take your advise

    Thank you for the response means a lot.

  • Meant BobD.


  • I can do Bond as well!

  • Brooke Bond. ha ha

  • Good luck with your recovery and don't overdo it!

  • Thanks Pam296

  • Sometimes I think AF must be sent to us to learn patience. I had plenty before but I learn every day. I've had AF shortly after my op in January and again last week when I stopped the tablets. The healing may be quick but also can take some time. It's not quite like when you have some other operations which resolves instantly a problem. Good Luck with your healing.

  • Hope you feel better soon... and good luck for the future 🖒

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