Fainted 😩

Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new here, still haven't seen a cardiologist (but am booked in on 17th May), was diagnosed with Afib in A&E about a month ago.

I've never fainted before, but I just woke up on my kitchen floor and now feel like someone is sitting on my chest while spinning me in circles. My heart rate was a little fast but now is 87 and regular.

Do I need to do anything?? I'm not on any meds or anything, not got a medical contact to check in with except maybe my GP?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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20 Replies

  • Your blood pressure could have gone too low. I'd ring your GP's surgery now and say what's happened and see what they suggest. Good luck and let us know how you get on. You should not really be on your own now.

    Hmm just re-read your message, you need to call an ambulance ASAP with those symptoms.


  • Please call for an ambulance now 999, explain what has happened and how you feel. Let us know how you get on.


  • This has happened to me...called ambulance and spent 24 hours n hospital on a drip. I was dehydrated and blood pressure had dropped. Just call, the paramedics will know what to do for the best. Are you aware of any bumps on your head or other areas of your body? Let us know how you get on.

  • Stay calm. It is very possible and common to faint with cardiac problems but you need to ring 999 immediately and get thorough medical attention. Keep us posted :) xx

  • I just realised this was 4hours ago. I hope you are comfortable and getting the medical attention you need

  • Hi everyone.

    Goodness, thank you all for your replies. I fired this off yesterday and then didn't really think about it again until this morning. Thank you so much for your concern.

    I didn't go to the hospital, although I probably should have. I have an urgent GP appointment today at 3:10, so hopefully she can shed a little light on it.

    Trouble is, I'm alone with my 1 year old & 2 year old during the day and I think I was out for about 5mins. My littlest was napping, but my 2r old was in the front room watching tv on his own.

    I feel much better today, but still have an achy chest and a bit of a fuzzy head. I just don't want it to happen again!

    Thank you all again, it's great to know I have people who understand and can offer good advice!!

    Will keep you posted on how the appointment goes.


  • Hi Tash - Don't want to frighten you but your symptoms were classic ones for a heart attack. You really should have called an ambulance! Your children need you to be around for years to come.

    Please let us know how you get on with your GP.

    Good luck.


  • Update: GP is sending me to the hospital for an ecg and based on that may start me on meds. She thinks I'm in Afib and might need to be cardioverted. Will update later.

  • Update: Had the ecg, they wouldn't tell me anything!! They said they'll send the results to my GP in a week. I said all I need to know is if I'm in sinus rhythm and they said they couldn't tell me. What a joke.

    So I'm going to have another ECG on Friday at a different surgery where they'll give it to my doctor straight away, although who knows what my heart will be doing by then. I've also been referred for an echo while I wait to see cardio.

  • Such a big secret for them to keep and after all it's your body. I think by rights you could have asked for a copy of the ECG.


  • I know, Jean I was so angry when I left there! I did think afterwards a should have asked for a copy of the ECG, but she was waving the thing around in front of me telling me that she couldn't tell me anything so I doubt she would have given it to me anyway. Not exactly good for the heart, all this stress!

    Thank you for your advice throughout. I'll let you know once I know any more!


  • Hi! I know this was a couple of days ago, I just read your post.

    The good news here is that any tech worth their salt would not let you go home if there was anything really bad on your ecg :)

    I am not an ecg tech, but I am an X-ray tech, and when I worked at the clinic, we would always scan our images to ensure that we could safely let our patients go. I would think that an ECG tech, considering the importance,would do the same.

  • Thank you jfib. This is what she was saying 'If there was anything serious, I'd send you to A&E.' so I asked 'Do you consider Afib serious?' And she just said 'I can't tell you that' 🙄

    It was so strange!

  • Bit of an update.

    I had a repeat ecg on Friday afternoon at a local GP surgery. The health care assistant advised me that it was slightly abnormal and showed 'premature atrial complexes'. He said it could mean that I was just coming out of Afib and/or that I was about to go back in. Ive been booked in to discuss it with my GP this weds afternoon.

    That evening (Friday) I ended up in A&E, absolutely certain I was in Afib and panicking because my face and hands were numb and tingly. Normal ecg. The doctor told me it was anxiety!

    It's been a week now since the faint and honestly, I've not felt right since. GP ordered an echo, but the appointment has come through and is later than my cardio one. The A&E doc basically said that there is nothing that they as GPs/Emergency medicine docs can do and I just have to wait (and feel like crap in the meantime) until I see the cardiologist 😩

    Sorry for the moan. It's just hard.


  • Hi Tash

    It sounds like you don't feel supported by the medical profession at all. It doesn't sound to me like you are either. However, feel reassured by your normal ECG results.

    In what way do you feel 'like crap'? Is it tired, sick, sleepy body aching, dizzy, unable to walk far, breathless or some other way?

    You can moan away to us if you want. We really don't mind as we know what it's like to have AF.


  • Thanks Jean. I feel exhausted, have a heavy achy kind of feeling in my chest, occasional dizziness, breathlessness and my head feels 'fuzzy'. I'm finding it really difficult to keep up with my toddlers and so guilty for not being as active with them as they'd like.

    I guess it's just getting me down.

    Tash x

  • Hi Tash - If you had blood tests when you went to hospital they would have ruled out a heart attack.

    I can understand all of your symptoms, because I feel that way when in AF. The only one I don't get that you have is the achy chest, but my heart can often feel sore from being over exercised (my heart races).

    I can imagine how difficult it must be to keep up with your toddlers and really feel for you struggling to do that. I really don't think you should be on your own with young children at this time. Are you totally on your own? If so, do you have family nearby who could perhaps stay with you for a while?


  • Well, do persist because you will be proved right. It's not anxiety although you are most certainly not the first to be told so.

    Ask your doctor if you can be loaned a pocket ECG which will enable you to capture a 30 second recording whenever you feel there's something not quite right.

  • Do you think it's something more? Even with a normal ecg? I must say I couldn't reconcile the way I was feeling with just anxiety.

    I'll ask tomorrow about the portable ecg, thank you.


  • I have sent you a private message. AF can be hard to capture on an ECG and it differs from person to person. Some people feel like you do when they get it, others don't notice much difference, some people have no symptoms.

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