Hi just wanting some advice. Was taken to age approx 6 weeks ago when I collapsed at work with palpations. The ambulance crew did an ecg and confirmed I was in afib with heart rate of 180. I had an echo but couldn't do it properly because of my heart rate. I was kept in overnight as they couldn't get heart rate under control and next day was discharged and given 2.5mg of bisprolo which has now been doubled to 5mgs now. I'm due for another echo on Tuesday. I was told by hospital when I left I was still in a fib and my own go has told me I was.  I feel as though I've just been left on the shelf and am not sure if there just gonna leave me on these god forsaken tablets as no one seems to tell me anything. Sorry for the lengthy post but the not knowing what is going on makes me more anxious. 

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  • Welcome to our mad world of AF. You will learn that AF varies considerably from person to person and for each of us as individuals from day to day, sometimes very significantly.

    Yours is a fairly normal process. The timings do vary from area to area. You should be able to check your pulse yourself to see if you are still in Afib. The purpose of the echo is to see the condition of the heart and how it is functioning. In fact the heart is an organ that is very adaptable and compensates for problems.

    For information look at the main AFA website if you haven't already done so. It is brilliant.

    One thing that you don't say about is how old you are or your sex.  Also I am Guessing that you aren't on an anticoagulant. You should be at least assessed using the scoring system. Again see AFA website. Us AFers are five times more likely to have a stroke than a normal person. In my case I was put on an anticoagulant straight away pending tests because I was in persistent AF and was just 60.

    Good luck and not only ask questions but also keep us updated with your progress. 

  • Oh thank you for that they did a chadsvac score and I got 0 so they said I didn't need an anticoagulant.  I'm female 4G yes old. My pulse has come down and usually sits around 80 although my heart still jumps around a lot it feels like it's doing somersaults and sometimes I can feel it speed up which lasts about a minute then slows down again. This site is so good lots of people that unfortunately have more experience of this condition

  • Hi Bumbles

    Sorry to hear that you were given so little information.   I also found this when I was admitted in Jan 2014 with heart rate at 180 to 220 but they did keep me in for 12 days.  I had also sorts of tests, chest xrays, echo, ct scan where thet inject die into your veins and quite a few ultra sound scans and loads of blood tests.    I did not know until I was discharged that I was actually amitted with heart failure, no one said anything.  I did have a lot of fluid (2 stone of it) which had to be got rid of and monitored very carefully.

    After a few days I saw the cardio and he told me I had AF which meds I would be taking, he explained briefly what AF was but never having heard of it before I was at a lost to ask questions.

    What does annoy me is that they never tell you of any side effects of these drugs, not even if you have problems let us or your GP know.  It's off you go take the drugs and you will be fine.

    If you do not already know find out who the AF nurse practitioner is at your hospital, they can be helpful with problems, you can phone hem at any time.

    I have found this website a god send regarding all the oddities of AF, even some of the odd side effects that you can get.   I have asked the AF nurse and my GP obout numbness in my feet and ankles, it comes and goes but faily constant, was it the biso and both said they had not heard of that before.   But on here there are plenty of afers who get this.   So ask any questions you have someone on here will be able to help.

    since my discharge in 2014 at my outpatients appointment every three months I have never seen the cardiologist only the AF nurse.    I would have to hope to have seen him once at least.

    In May 2015 I was admittedd again with high hr and fluid, this time only spent 5 days there.   So saw cardio, very off hand because I had stopped Digoxin, did not agree wanted me to  increase the biso, but over 5mg it makes me quite ill and go back on digoxin,but I had bad side effects on this drug,  I asked about other drugs and he refused so I insisted on seeing someone else.    Another doctor came to see me (I hink he might have been a EP from Papworth, we have one once a week visit our hospital from Papworth and he prescribed me Dilitiazem which has been fine.   The Cardio would not prescibe this he likes only biso, digoxin and ramipril (I am on Ramipril also from 2014).  But my request to get and appointment with an EP was denied.

    Sorry for long ramble, but read up all you can and be asertive.   Best of luck.


  • Gobs I to your phone and get a referral to an EP. Do your research using main AFA website for EPs. You may need to go to another hospital as there are quite a few hospitals who don't have an EP even on a visiting basis (even though they do have a cardiologist). If you don't get any joy with your GP then phone AFA patient services.

    An EP at a different hospital may be a better bet if you find out that you did see a visiting EP but either you feel they maybe influenced by cardiologist if you weren't happy with them  

  • Auto correct Took hold. First few words should be

    Go to your GP and .....

  • If you can afford it I would see a ep privately, only takes couple of weeks, if you wait for nhs it could be 6 months or more, cost me £250 but well worth it. Good luck

  • Cassis

    I think that Higgy's response to me above was intended for you. 

  • Bumble I am sorry to tell you but on the latest CHADs score you would score 1 not 0 just for being female, which makes me wonder about the competence of the Doctor you saw?  That doesn't mean you need or want to take ACs but personally if I was still in AF after 48 hours, even with a reduction of HR I would want to be on ACs and anyone who reads my posts knows I am not a fan of taking any meds unless their is a need.

  • Thank you everyone I do appreciate your advice I feel like I've just been left and no one has told me anything. I think the risk of a stroke has made me anxious as well.  Am going to make an appointment with my Dr as don't want to be on these bisprolol long term as they make me poorly anyway but no one seems to listen to me either when I tell them that

  • I felt very much that I was on my own.  This site will be a great help to you.  The first priority is to get a referral to an EP who should give you informed advice on meds, ablation and anticoagulation. 

    My ep gave me achoice - meds or ablation.  I opted for ablation, was on bisoprolol whilst I waited.  Had ablation in Nov 2013 and all good since then. No meds except anticoagulant.

    Arm yourself with information as this will be your ally in the battle ahead.  It does get easier for most people.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Thank you can I ask to be referred to an EP. This site is brilliant lots of information about the condition that nobody bothers to tell you about at the time your diagnosed and I know they say it's common but when the words heart and risk of stroke is mentioned it is frightening. I've not felt like myself for weeks which I think is due to bisprolol but my gas not having it. Thank you 

  • Yes you can ask to be referred to an ep. Unless you go private it will take a few months. Some people on here paid for the first visit and then any other visits or treatment was under NHS.

  • I too was admitted to A & E with my AF they were great and admitted me and gave me amiodorone which after 12 hours got me back in SR. My heart rate came down slowly. I feel you have been treated badly just sent home with drugs and not knowing much about AF.  The docs in A & E explained so much to me the condition.  Go to your GP and ask to be referred to cardiologist pref and EP.  I am seeing EP on 10th May to discuss ablation.  Best wishes and dont give up.  Keep finding out as much as you can from info on website and pester your GP, tell him how you feel and need help to manage this condition.  Pat

  • CDreamer

    Being female alone doesn't count one point. It does only with some other points. Being female with some of the other risk factors adds one more point.

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