Persistent Atril Fibrillation. Left Ventricular Impairment with Decompensated Heart Failure. Hypertension

I am a 74 yr old female with above problems. I am taking Warfarin, Bisoprolol, Digoxin, Candesartan, Atorvastatin & Furosemide. My first cardioversion lasted for 20 months but my second only a few hours. I had to wait so long for an outpatient follow up appointment I paid for a private consultation with the cardiologist who recommended I see an electrophysiologist which I paid for too. He explained my options & we agreed for me to have a biventricular pacemaker fitted & 4 weeks later to have an AV node ablation. I would then be pacer dependent. He & my GP agreed I could go on the EP'S NHS waiting list for the procedures which I am told should be done in 3 to 4 months. Having read many posts on this site I have seen very few people having a pacer & ablation. Please could anyone who has, let me know their experiences. Thank you.

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  • Good to hear you have had lots of advice

    Some on the forum have had pace and ablate am i'm sure they will reply about their experiences Good Luck

  • I haven't but know people who have and for some it has changed their life. The pacemaker should ensure a steady pulse so better blood supply round the body with less fatigue symptoms etc BUT it will not stop the atrium from fibrillating which you may still be able to feel in your chest. You would not die if the PM failed by the way as the heart would continue to beat albeit slowly so it is not quite as dire as it sounds.

  • I've not had ablation but I do have a pacemaker, I had it fitted three years ago and it was so worth it. I still have AF but it doesn't worry me any more because I know my pacemaker will go on and on and on 😁

  • Do you feel better with a pacemaker than you did before just out of interest?

  • Yes I do feel much better, I hadn't realised I felt so bad before I had it fitted but as soon as the anesthetic wore off I just felt so much "lighter". It really was wonderful x

  • Wow. It makes me want one!!!

  • Hi I have a pacemaker which has been a life changer for me. That and bisoprolol and flecainide enable me to do pretty much what I want. Including an hour at the gym 5/6 times a week. As Bob said doesn't cure the AF

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