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Flutter Ablation

I have been flipping into AFib regularly since Christmas. Lately, I'm lucky if I get 2 weeks in NSR.

The ECG showed that I started off in Flutter and then progressed to full blown Afib and only electricity would bring me back to NSR.

On April 13, I went in for, what I thought, was to be ablation for Flutter and Fibrillation. Turns out they had problems conduction the transseptal puncture and in the end they only did the ablation for Arterial Flutter.

I have been told that Flutter is hard to control with drugs but is easy to sort out with ablation whilst Afib is easy to control with drugs and hard to sort out with ablation.

Early days yet but I am hoping that sorting out the Flutter will reduce my Afib events.

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Well, it's a wait-and-see situation but it sounds quite hopeful if all is well four days afterwards. At least you have made some progress on the Flutter front.

Let's hope you have cracked it. Keep us posted!


It is not uncommon for flutter ablation to ease fibrillation.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for that - lets hope so.

I wonder if you know what technical issues could have happened that meant they could not perform the transseptal puncture and zap the Afib as well? I did ask the EP but was a bit drowsy at the time, I'm sure he said something about a vein being in the wrong place.


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