I have increased my Bisoprolol to 12.5mg to try and hold back Afib until my ablation on the 13 April - it didn't work. I flipped into Afib on Wednesday 5 April and had to be cardioverted. Now back home and feeling very week and breathless.

I have left a message with my Cardiologist but I wondered if anyone else had been on this high level of Bisoprolol?

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  • That sounds like a very high dose. I'm on 3.75mg am (used to be 2.5mg) and 2.5mg pm but it doesn't stop my afib, which happens like clockwork every 8 days and lasts 2 - 4 days. In fact since my cardiologist increased the morning dose my episodes last longer! Do you take your bp to check on that, as I would worry it would make it too low at the dose you are having.

  • I think 10mg is considered 'normal'. Good point on the BP side of things. My BP is 136 / 74, so not very low. My bpm is 44 which is probably a tad low and may explain the breathlessness.

  • Hi there... I just wanted to wish you well... I am planning to have ablation due to afib... I know how you must feel it's so tiring. Take care and please let me know how you get along.. Dave.

  • djbgatekeeper,

    Thanks and good luck - when are you due in?

  • Not got a date yet... seeing my doctor this Wednesday for a referral... probably in 4 or 5 weeks if I stay in NSR ... Take care

  • I was on 10mg when I was first diagnosed with AF. I was told that was the max dose. Mind you I have found that different countries have different max dose such as Ramipril is 10mg here but max is 20mg in europe. I must admit though I would have asked my gp before increasing any dose

  • rjr681,

    I would never mess about with my medication. It was the Cardiologist that suggested it - I wasn't keen because it really messes me up, but I thought it worth doing so I stayed in NSR prior to the ablation.

    I have now called the Cardiologist to tell him I am reducing it back to 10mg. Lets hope my breathlessness improves.

  • You were cardioverted on April 5th for your ablation on April 13. Do you need to be in sinus rhythm for your ablation?

  • I was on 10mg twice daily when first diagnosed with AF

  • I take 15mg of bisoprolol 10mg in a morning 5mg at night, (the highest dose my GP says he has ever prescribed) and my af is still not under control!

  • Wow Ogilvie! I know it's "different strokes for different folks" (pardon the pun), but I would be like a breathless zombie on that dose of bisoprosol! I'm on 2.5 and in NSR but hoping to reduce this dose as I still feel short of breath weak and fatigued. When my dose was increased to 3.75mg last year because my bp always presents as high in a clinical setting, I went into slow AF for 8 months. For that reason I keep a written record of my own random bp monitoring to present to any medic I consult. I do hope you get a swift reply from your cardiologist and start to feel better soon. Val

  • I am on 10mg and would be higher if it was not for my lung issues?

  • As I understand it, Bisoprolol is used to keep the heart-rate below 100 when in AF, but it is not normally expected to stop the AF. To stop the AF one needs a rhythm-control drug. (Bisoprolol may be helpful to decrease the amount of AF as well as slowing the heart-rate) A heart-rate below 100 seems to be considered 'safe'.

  • I was on 12.5mg before my fist cardioversion. I could barely function! and it didn't stop the AF, just slowed my heart from 195bpm to around 100bpm!

    Unfortunately they said I should continue on 12.5mg a day after the cardioversion and my HR was about 40bpm. I called my EP's secretary and my EP called back and I was told to gradually reduce my dose.

    I am normally on 2.5mg bisoprolol a day, it doesn't stop AF, but it possibly reduces the number of episodes I have. But I still feel awful on this drug.

    I'm off Bisop for 2 days now until my ablation on the 13th, still feel like c**p but with added palpitations 😞

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