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Hi I have very small episodes one after another , then nothing for weeks , I don't suffer from high blood pressure ,, but my cholesterol is a bit high , I'm not on blood thinners, just 5m bisoparol, I find if I sneeze I have one but goes back on its own after a few seconds, , it's very scary when it happens , my longest one was my first one which lasted 6 hours , but went back to normal on its own, I've had the monitor on a few times but never had an episode while using it, but a few little ones after I've taken it back ,

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  • So if I read this right you actually haven't been diagnosed with AF due to never being out of rhythm when tested.? Difficult situation and may not even be AF but possible ectopics or just plain fast heart rate (tachycardia). Not a lot anybody can do till you catch on on tape or on an ECG. Anxiety is not helpful either so try not to stress about it.

  • It took 2 years before my paf was diagnosed because it always happened early hours of Saturday morning and was normal by Monday

  • It's typical that we have holter minitors and capture virtually nothing!!

  • If you can afford it get a Kardia device. This will capture af episodes and you will have evidence for your doctors

  • They caught a small episode on the last monitor , they are putting me on a 48 hour one on the 5th may .they have said it is AF . But dont know why I'm not on blood thinner,

    Where would I get one of these monitors

  • If you have no other co-morbidities are under 65 and male you have a CHADSVASC score of 0 and do not fall under the anti-coagulate window.

  • Im 63 and female

  • I have high colestoral

  • I sometimes get a heart flutter/wobble after I sneeze. Assume this is quite normal for those who notice it. Doesn't bother me and it never lasts more than seconds.

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