I've stopped Apixaban (for now anyway)

I posted a few days ago wondering if I could stop Apixaban. Thanks to all who replied. Most said no or at least urged caution. To continue with the story:-

Saw the EP yesterday. Showed him my Kardia report - zero AF Jan and Feb compared with quite a few episodes in Oct and Nov. (no records for Nov and Dec due to surgery). Also discussed the fact that I always know when I am in Af. His advice was to stop medication but if I started in AF again just start medication. He said that the heart can sometimes mend itself and its possible that that's what mine did.

He also mentioned that this approach is not for everyone - it would not be suited of course to those who are not sure whether they are in AF or not. BTW my CHADSVASC score is just 2 (female and 66) so not a very high risk.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post and sent good wishes. I hope you find my EP's answer interesting and encouraging. Its not a widely held view I know and the GP I saw this morning didn't really approve.


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  • It's nice to be comfortable with what medication one takes - or doesn't take - and, if you are at ease, not taking an anticoagulant puts you into the happy realms of normality - no need to carry a card, warn the dentist or have difficulties with surgery.

  • Thanks Rellim. Hadn't thought of those benefits.

  • I found everything to do with anticoagulation difficult to deal with at the beginning and felt it took me away from being a normal person. I now take Rivaroxaban though and am OK with it. I have a CHADS score of 3 however.

  • Pleased your EP has advised you and you are happy with your way forward. Life is a series of checks and balances and we can all only make the decision which we feel most comfortable with once we have sought the advice of an expert. Be well.

  • good luck.

  • well done i hope everything works out great news that the heart can repair its self with AF i think you have to alter the way you eat and live this can help the heart maybe reset it

  • I know many of you will question my decision but the EPs view was that I don't have AF any more so the risk of stroke is the same as a 'normal' person. Whilst I've always understood that AF is a progressive disease and there is no cure (an ablation is just a work around...) it does seem that in some cases the heart can mend itself. In fact that is what happened to my EP - he used to have it and now he doesn't (no ablation BTW).

    I'm not against anti-coagulants and its possible that they saved my life and a bleed from the bladder (maybe caused by Apixaban?) meant my pancreatic cancer was eventually discovered and operated on.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

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