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GP visit

Have just visited my GP with a suspected ear infection. Which is just viral by the way, and she did the usual tests, of pulse, listening to the heart and BP, etc.

My af felt a little symptomatic but I wasn't worried or felt the need to seek medical attention.

My pulse rate was 136bpm, my heart rhythm was as she described as irregularly irregular and because of this she couldn't get a blood pressure reading either on the digital monitor or manual one after many attempts.

The Dr couldn't was a little concerned at my symptoms and couldn't understand that with the readings she was taking, why I wasn't feeling much worse than i was! She said that normally people are 'flat out' and need attention!

Do you think you can get used to having the symptoms? Does your body adjust to coping with AF, the longer you're having extensive episodes, of an irregular, racing heartbeat, as I am?

Although I did have all the usual symptoms of AF, I tend to try and get along with it, because it is now my 'normal'. This is how I feel all the time!

Anyone else feel like this?

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I agree completely I felt better in permanent AF than I do when I go in and out. You get use to the 'norm' and body adjusts.

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Amazing. When I went persistent irregular, I often couldn't even stand. Not enough blood getting to my head I was told. It must depend on how well your heart is still moving the blood around your body in spite of it being irregular I guess!

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I've had a doctor tell me that my HR couldn't possibly have been over 200 or I would have been unconscious. My record is 260, and I was sat chatting with the paramedics at the time.


Weird isn't how some people cope with things, my highest recorded rate was 208! I was in hospital chatting to the Dr as to how high it was! 😂


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