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Tests for angina

Hi, I'm waiting to have tests for angina, treadmill and whatever else they,ll do. I'm taking Alodipine for the suspected angina, my doc says the chest pain won't happen while I'm on these,so how will the tests show angina? I'm confused. Plus, I feel the chest pain just now and then whilst walking the dog, but I keep walking( thought it was stitch or indigestion) and eventually the pain goes on its own. Would angina do that? Thanks.

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I had angina test 3 years after I had a heart attack, firstly on a treadmill and then on a nuclear stress test, they take images of your heart at rest and under stress and the results show if you have angina, mine showed damage left from my heart attack which left me short of breath and chest pain if I over did it, I have a gtn spray which I very rarely use and take nicorandil 20mg and 10mg twice a day and everything is under control.

When I started with af I question whether I had angina and it was af making me short of breath, but I have been told to rule that out.

The medication does work for me but I still at times have to be careful what I do and if I am feeling low or slightly unwell it can be easy for me to bring on a attack.

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