Hi everyone, I just had the most peculiar experience, and wonder if anyone else has had the same happening to them.Had been in AF since last night. Sitting down and feeling quite hot after doing a few chores, so drank a glass of water. Lifted my hand to my forehead and my hand ,arm and whole body was shaking. It was quite alarming. But than I realised that I had gone back into sinus rhythm. Which is lovely but it did leave me a bit frightened. Hope someone can explain it. love to you all.


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  • I can't explain it but hope it passed quickly. I have a few episodes of shaking & put it down to anxiety/relief? Could be your body was just reacting to the change?

    Hope you feel better now. I had episode of AF today and now feel just exhausted.

  • Hi CDreamer hope you feel better soon. I presume it was my body reacting to the change, it just felt so strange almost like I image a epilepsy must feel like. Feel absolutely fine now. Hope you perk up soon. Hugs and best wishes, Rienij

  • I get the shakes when I have just gone into AF for me it is an anxiety thing.

  • Hi Richard75, must be worrying for you. It did frighten me very much so. Hope you are well and thanks for your reply. Rienij

  • I would raise it with your doctor- best to get it checked out

  • It did worry me but now I know it is anxiety driven I able to rationalise it. Take care.

  • I have PAF and I often feel like I'm going to faint as I go back into NSR

  • I have the shakes when my heart rate is really high, especially my right arm. doc said it was to do with the vagal nerve which runs past you heart into your right shoulder and beyond. Both arms shake but if I try to do anything with the right it's all over the place. My head does a wobble too. Not sure if yours is the same but it may be related to that possibly. Just a suggestion. Just you body reacting to your heart misbehaving.

  • Hi Ekheath thank you for your reply it does sound very similar, except that it happened in conjunction of my heart going back to normal. But it is certainly food for thought. Thank you so much as it really frightened me. Hope you are well. Kind regards Rienij

  • I find going back into nsr a bit like the final relief when the baby is born!!!

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