Stormy weather

After months of controlled AF, tablets doing their thing and feeling quite ok and exercising as normal I go into a melt down as a storm approached!

It had been a very hot day (Friday 18th July) and very oppresive weather wise. A huge storm was forecast and so with camera in hand I watched the blackening sky when I felt my first 'flutter'. By the time an hour had passed I knew I was back in AF. In the middle of the night I wondered if I should call an ambulance but thought I'd ride it out. This morning my heart rate is back to normal and although not feeling great I'm functioning ok.

Does anyone else get affected by a storm? I now remember the last time we had one I experienced the same thing. It's not axiety as I quite like to watch a storm brewing and progressing.

I hope you are all ok today and will enjoy your weekend :)


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  • Do you think you were de-hyrated because of the heat? I think it can be a mojor factor- glad all is OK now,

    best wishes


  • not dehydrated as I know that is a trigger ....... drank loads yesterday due to heat!

  • I don't drink nearly enough, the water here is awful, full of all sorts of chemicals. I am very limited to what I will drink as most juice that I like contains sugar and those disgusting sweetners and I am trying to lose weight !

    Is this a contributing factor to AF and the breathlessness then ? :(

  • Now that is interesting - AF is all to do with the heart's electrical systems, I wonder if all that stored-up static electricity ahead of the storm affected it? I'm probably talking rubbish (sure someone will correct me!) but it does make you wonder, doesn't it?


  • It's a good thought, Lis. I bet when Stephenson sat watching his kettle boil, they thought his idea of a steam engine was rubbish! Look what came of that!


  • I wondered that as well so maybe great,or strange, minds think alike! X

  • I did a 6 mile nature walk yesterday in temperatures of 28 degrees, although a strong coastal breeze made it feel slightly cooler. I drank more water than usual but no tea or coffee. We had a big storm yesterday evening, which I am not keen on, but I slept all through the night. No problems at all.

  • I wish I could walk 6 miles :( I can manage about a mile in small distances between breath stops ! I know every bench, low wall and telegraph pole personally between here and our High street. It takes me about an hour and a half to get there and back. I am then knackered for the rest of the day and possibly the next :(

  • Have you been diagnosed with any problems other than AF?

  • Don't think I've had my heart affected but I can feel a storm coming and it feels electric (in my head). Also had the same sensation once walking under some large overhead cables, usually OK but just that once it wasn't.

    Dehydration with this heat could be a cause as Rosy says. I'm drinking loads but noticed I'm not getting up in the night for a pee.


  • Sounds like the electric pulses and the energy of the storm affect your heart ! I wish somthing like that would put mine back to normal, I'm so sick of being breathless all the time :( I get cold and shivery then have a massive panic attack that can last for hours. It is very scarey as I live alone and all my friends are fed up with me moaning about it on the phone :( I went to hospital a few weeks ago they gave me a cardiograme and sent me home telling me to keep on taking the tablets, which I think have caused all this in the first place. I only had slightly high blood pressure to start with. :(

  • My heart was off on one all day yesterday which started on Friday night when we had a lot of lightening in the area. Probably pure coincidence but it did cross my mind at the time..

  • Just a tip regarding drinking extra water. Don't have it too cold - I find that can set my AF off. Hot weather and iced drinks - sadly not for me.

  • I agree, anything that is too cold sets mine off. Cold but not iced drinks, no ice lollies but a Magnum is fine (and rather tasty):)

  • G'day Shirljo,

    'google' - electro sensitivity on the net !

    I believe - but can't in anyway prove, medically or scientifically, that there were two causes of the start of my AF - partly a genetic predisposition to AF combined with a susceptibility to electro sensitivity. The heart is a part mechanical muscle, and part electrical. I carried my mobile phone in my shirt pocket (right over the heart) for two and half years and only stopped when I heard a radio programme on electro sensitivity, mobile phones and other communication equipment. I stopped carrying my mobile then after that. During this time (2 and half years) I started getting what I now know as palpitations, gentle palpitations at first then massive, just massive palpitations, and finally after a time, AF. The massive palps were the worst - like a bloody great kick in the chest (within the chest) from a mule, then in seconds a warm throbbing feeling all over the head and a feeling of unreal - like I was not of this world. Then it would all return to normal. No side effects at all - no feeling faint, no problems with vision, no hot and/or cold feelings , absolutely nothing.

    So what you say doesn't surprise me at all.

    Aussie John

  • thank you all ........... at least I now know I'm not the only one with funny things happening!

  • I have been affected by the storms, my heart rate is all over the place and I am very sleepy, thank heavens I am not working and I will be glad when this weather changes. In our area the height if the electrical storms was 2 nights ago and that was the hardest night for me, at one point I was gasping for breath.

  • Thats I couldn't get to sleep and was rather fluttery, so I got up to come downstairs just before midnight and noticed the lightning in the distance...within 20 minutes it was on top of us and we had a big storm here....this was THURSDAY night......(isle of wight). Once it had passed I am sure the symptoms eased...I think there could well be some connection with the electrical activilty

  • it seems a lot of us are connected by this theme. Our storm was Friday night (Kent) and a smaller one on Saturday evening which only gave me a small flutter but nothing compared with the night before.

  • Just don't watch storms, it could be a deep unconscious anxiety. I like thrillers on TV but since AF started and having felt odd watching one in the early days I stick to light Romcom etc.

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