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Dronedarone 400mg

My wife has been prescribed Dronedarone 400mg twice daily and Edoxaban 30mg (blood thinner) once a day.This seems extremely excessive to me as I also have AF since April 2016 and I take 5mg Bisoprolol once daily and 10mg Apixaban twice daily.

I would be interested in all comments as it seems to me that my wife's prescription is far in excess of my prescription for the same level of AF! In fact it has changed her life from being a fit and active,swimming 4/5 times a week to a very very tired lady.I hadn't realised that she was taking such a higher dose than I am. We each have different Cardiac Consultants at the same hospital and I have suggested that she change to my consultant.

Thank you all in anticipation.

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Hi Francis

Well I am not medically qualified, but I suspect from the story about you and your wife that your AF is different. Dronedarone is a heart rhythm drug and to my non medical knowledge 400 mg would be the standard dosage, Bisoprolol is a beta blocker and controls heart rate (small amount of rhythm control), and works differently.

Edoxaban 30mg the anti-coagulant would again appear the correct dosage as is the 10mg of Apixiban, you cannot compare here the mg amount they are different anti-coagulants

By all means seek a second opinion, it's a great idea, and AF often makes people very very tired.

Be well



Hi I'm on Dronedarone and my dose is 400mg twice a day. I'm on Apixaban 5mg twice a day plus Bisoprolol 5mg twice a day. Think we are all different and I do get tired but I put it down to the af and meds combination x


You can't compare apples with pears. These are completely different drugs with different functions .

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Thank you all for your comments and advice.I am much better informed now.

Best regards to al.


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