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AF side effects


Hi I have had AF for some ten years , I am on Apixaban and Flecanade, the Flecanade usually does the trick and slows my hart down from jumping about! But I still get that kick in the chest feeling for some hours later. However I woul like to know do other AF suffers have the same side effect as me? This are every time AF kicks in I have this same urge to pass urine , generally about 6 or 7 times every 10 minutes or so then it stops! probably because there is nothing left in my bladder. is this common with other AF suffers ?

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Yes - it's well known to all of us! Gallons of the stuff, caused by the distressed heart ridding the body of salt, hence the copious weeing.

It's called micturation and there are a few threads about it, if you search in the top right box on this page.

AlanB19 in reply to Finvola

Many thanks Finvola, it's so reassuring to talk to others with similar experiences.

Finvola in reply to AlanB19

Remember to drink plenty of water as it can leave you dehydrated - which, in turn can trigger more AF. ☹️

If you type in Micturation in the search box top right of page it will show you previous posts

I have permanen AF and sometimes no symptons. But when my heatrate is to high that is one sign for me that it is going a bit mad. I have to keep going to the loo, and when you get the urge you need to be quick! As said above although you passing a lot of water you still need to keep your water intake up.


Hi alanb19, I was on flecainide also up to my ablation, my symptoms were pretty much the same as yours , as soon as af kicked in I would need to go too the toilet many times within the hour ! I remember telling the doctor this & his answer was it's quite common in most af sufferers


Even on 100mg x2 daily of Flecainide and no AF I could tell if AF was lurking as in the late afternoons one or two days per week I would start peeing a lot. After 3 years on Flec that has now largely disappeared which I am taking as a good sign...... as well as a relief on the carpet to the bathroom!

Do you have to be in AF to need the loo more or is it a symptom that comes with AF, suc as breathlessness, dizziness and general fatigue?

It's to do with when I'm in AF, And thats generally during night when my AF usually starts!

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