feeling cross

I was sitting in my GP's waiting room on Thursday listening to a very loud man talking to someone he obviously knew. I imagine he was mid 60s (same as me). He was there to discuss his recent blood test results which he knew where bad as he had just come back from holiday! Apparently he had taken himself off his medication prior to going away so that he could drink more alcohol and get drunk

He then explained that he had AF, he had a few unsuccessful cardioversions and was waiting for an ablation. Luckily he was called in to the Dr at that point.

I am no angel but consider myself lucky that the NHS spent thousands on giving me a hybrid ablation and at least try to lead a healthy lifestyle . Maybe I am turning into a grumpy old woman

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  • You may think so but we couldn't possibly say......

    I am always torn between not wanting to judge and outrage at the waste of money spent on people who refuse to take response ability for themselves.

    All NHS staff treat without judgement and use persuasion and I think it must be trying when dealing with such people.

    I think that is all we can do - take response ability for ourselves - and I sympathise.

  • "All NHS staff treat without judgement "

    No they don't.

    I recall a woman on Radio 4 who had lived in an affluent middle class area of Bristol. She felt she had always had good healthcare, with her doctors treating her with respect, and involving her in joint decisions about her treatment, but then one day she had to move to a run-down sink estate on the other side of town after her financial circumstances changed. The difference in her treatment was total, she was talked down to, told what she was getting rather than asked, made to feel like a time-wasting sponger, and generally treated like a chav.

    The nurses in Tooting hospital killed Kane Gorny just because they didn't like him, and nobody was even prosecuted for it. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-l...

    I've had nurses sniping at me because a relative who works there has spread some gossip about a family feud.

  • What an appalling case, his suffering must have been dreadful, and yes, I agree, sadly your address does count in health care.

  • The real scandal of the Kane Gorny case is not that it happened, but that nobody was prosecuted. That the childish hero-worship of the NHS that seems to be society's favourite pastime obviously extends to turning a blind eye to murder. It obviously couldn't have been just one individual like Shipman, so it was brushed under the carpet rather than acknowledge that it required the deliberate conspiracy of an entire ward full of nurses, three shifts a day, for several days. The NHS have now seen that they are untouchable, and answerable to nobody, so that won't make further cases any less likely.

  • The man is an idiot and should show some respect, if not to himself then to those who are trying to improve his life and those who cant get the proper treatment they need.

  • I did try not to judge. For all I know he has a really hard life, but he seemed to find it quite amusing .

  • Hearing that conversation would have irritated me too. It takes a lot to make me grumpy, but sometimes I enjoy being that way!

  • From your description, it sounds to me like he was bragging.

    A smartass - it would have irritated me too. Let's hope he treated his doctor in the same way and got a rollicking!

  • It takes all sorts but then I think the same about people who will insist on pushing their bodies to extremes of exercise and then wonder why they get AF. We shouldn't judge although we would really like to!

  • does that include extreme bowls?

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