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Bloat, flutter, burp

Hi I'm new.

Have had fainting spells during sleep 4 or 5 times a year for the past 3 years.

All tests negative. I believe it's due to bloating that stimulates the vagus nerve which I have experienced since I was a kid.

I get a flutter or two, burp and then it's over.

My hubby thinks it's a seizure because there is minor twitching.

It always happens between 4:30 and 6:00 a.m

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Hmm, that's strange. Must say I haven't heard anything like this before on the forum. I'm guessing your fainting spells while asleep were caught on a heart monitor?


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Can't comment on the fainting as such, but bloating, burping will almost certainly come from food you have eaten which will aggravate/inflame the vagal nerve causing it to misbehave and in turn trigger flutter or full blown AF.

Suggest you google some research on vagal nerve online. Can't be sure but I think I've read something about fainting too.

Also keep a food diary and see if you can identify the foods that bring these sensations on, then cut them out. You could always cut out stuff with gluten and wheat, and also consider drinks, alcohol, coffee, cold and fizzy drinks.

I had massive bloating, burping, also intestinal gurgling and diahoerra - not all at the same time but at random and had to cut out a range of foods.

My last AF event was April 2015.



Long pauses between heart beats??


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