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Induction cooker

Anyone know of ill effects of using an electric induction hob Inherited on house move.

I have AF and a longstanding dual lead pacemaker for heart block. Pacemaker clinic very unsure and oven maker, Neff, likewise. Clinic suggested keeping 6 inches away! Makes hob pretty unusable.

Loth to spend on change of hob because installed only six months ago by previous house owner and had to invest in complete pan change, but need to feel safe.

Hoping someone can give a definite answer.

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Have a look at the previous related post re pacemakers and induction hobs. When I accessed your question the link was shown on the right hand side. There are some great answers and your question is a good reminder for us all.

Enjoy your new home.


British heart foundation state "keep 60cm away" from induction hobs as the magnetic field may interfere with the pacemaker settings.

It doesn't sound practical to keep 60cm away if you want to cook on the hob, but some articles are less didactic

I doubt anyone will give you absolute reassurance though and it is a predictable risk for you


My husband was told at least 18 ins away so no Induction job for me, unfortunately,


I was told not to use one at all by my pacemaker clinic


Just stand upright and don't lean over it.


Husband asked the cardiac specialist last week, was told new pacemakers are far more resilient nowadays. Just don't lean over the cooker stirring anything. ( no risottos!). Cooker manufacturers are never going to say it's ok!


This topic was raised with the AF nurse at our AF Group session in Sheffield this week. She said do not buy an induction hob. They can "reset" your pacemaker. Whilst you may think you can keep a good distance from it, this does not sound a practical solution to me.


Sell it and buy a much cheaper ceramic hob with the proceeds😀


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