I scratched my face near my nose in my sleep, i'm in warfarin, the scratch continues to bleed, not a lot of blood just like seeping. I have tried putting alcohol on it to dry it up, it works and i do get a scab, but when i go to bed i seem to knock off the scab, so i cant get it to heal. It is smaller then the tip of y little finger, I just want to know how to stop the seeping and heal! Advise please!

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  • Aloe gel is excellent.

  • ty

  • Old fashioned styptic alum pencil is easy to use

  • Is that the white pencil men use after shaving when they cut themselves?

  • Yep that's the stuff

    Or else a sticky plaster

  • ok, just wanted to be sure, thanks!

  • If it's scanning a little Vaseline on scab will keep it soft avoid temptation to pick and let it heal. The scab is natures clot

  • I do let it heal and scab, the problem is i knock it off in my sleep, and have to start the process all over again! I went to the eye doctor and she saw it and took a gauze and knocked it off, she thought i had melenoma, i explained to her that it was a scratch and it was getting a scab when she knocked it off! Then I had to restart the healing process again! It is annoying, not hurting!

  • Try the Vaseline

  • How can you be sure you scratched it in your sleep? Not medically qualified, or with the benefit of seeing it, but I'd be thinking about the possibility of basal cell carcinoma. No big deal if it is, but I would be thinking of a referral to a skin specialist. I hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Because I have done this before, tryng to wipe my nose in my sleep and I did get rid of it! I just keep knocking the scab off when i wipe my nose! One person on here suggested i use vaseline and i did that yesterday and it seems to be helping! It is drying up! But t.y for your response.

  • Put a plaster on at night - perhaps one for sensitive skin.

  • Do i buy that at the drug store?

  • Yes, or supermarket.

  • t.y, I will check it out!

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