3 months on

3 months on

So as promised I'm back to give you all an update on how I'm doing

I'm back to work full time feeling ok in myself, a few missed beats here and there nothing major, the only thing that hasn't got better is my high heart rate... still around 95-100 sinus rhythm... not sure if it will go down on its own I'll speak to dr Ernst at our next appt this month.

Off bisoprolol since December still taking apixaban at moment,

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  • Glad you are feeling well and the ablation is now a distant memory.

    I expect you will be even more relaxed when Dr Ernst has seen you. If I had such a heart rate I would find it difficult but we are all so different.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Juggsy,

    Pleased everything is going well for you. I remember BobD saying. that it can take a while for the pulse rate to go back to normal, so don't worry about that. How did you wean yourself off Bisoprolol?



  • I didn't, at my check up 6 weeks after the ablation I was told stop taking it. I was only on 2.5mg

  • Hi Juggsy,

    Thanks for your reply.



  • It took about 9 months before my resting HR started to drop to my previous norm of 60 ish.

  • Was it in the 90's like mine is.... my isualnis around 65-70

  • Yes - at 3 months. Came down very gradually, as long as it stays in NSR and feel well, you will be fine.

    A little less worrying would help as well. Focus on your breathing and calm feelings and it will bring you multiple benefits.

    My HR is still slightly higher than it was, oftenin mid 70's but does drop to 65 ish if on a good day.

  • Me too. It took almost a year to get back to 60s/low 70s.

  • Good news Juggsy......lets hope the rate settles a bit after you appt......

  • Yes hope so, can't wait to start some exercise again, piled over a stone on since ablation, dr Ernst said to keep my HR below 140.... very difficult when it's 95 at rest

  • Good to hear all going well Jugsy.


  • Good stuff, I'm still waiting for my ablation date, but currently in the middle of moving house so quite glad of that

  • Its great isn't it, mine is just over 4 months now, and no palpitations only occasional flutter I think. Its funny how you were so aware that you kept waiting for it to start, but now you don't know whats going on because you are always feeling so good.

    I have been learning now to take my own blood pressure, for a few months now and I noticed the rest of the panel mentioned their own figures, could someone tell me why you are only putting down one figure? are you taking more notice of the top one? My Monitor displays 3 top middle and then the rate thanks people any explanation appreciated.

  • Thanks for all the post ablation updates. I find it very useful to understand the recovery process better.

    I am 4 weeks post ablation. One af episode when startled from sleep at 0300 which then went on for 5 hours... No more as yet.

    Been taking my rest hr each morning at same time. When training regularly it was 48 wake up resting, 55 sitting and now it ranges from 74 to 84. I can feel when it will likely be at the top end, after a few longer days work or a few days stress. There is a pattern for me.

    Then of course I have to explain the 84 this morning after first pilates last night, or was it the one beer after pilates. Oops, lesson there.

    I am very interested in any recovery regimes with the aim of training again, whenever that might be. Thanks All.

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