Red Wine

After being diagnosed with AF 3 years ago I soon gave up caffeine in tea and coffee as well as tonic water as they appeared to act as triggers. I've recently changed medication from Bisoprol beta blockers to a drug called Tildiem. My episodes of af seem to have increased since but the only factor common appears to be RED WINE. Anyone else? I was OK before change of tablets but didn't like the side effects of bisoporol.

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  • Hi Geacie.....most folk here are of the view that any alcohol is generally not helpful with AF, but all things in moderation. I have no experience of Tildiem, but I didn't get on well with Bisoprolol either. I guess if Tildiem is generally better for you, then, sad as it might be, stay off the red wine to see if it makes a difference.......if it does, the ultimate decision is yours!! I think you should also bear in mind that AF is often, but not always, a progressive condition.

    All the best......John

  • Hi geacie1274, in case you weren't aware, Tildiem is one of the brand names for Diltiazem, which is a calcium channel blocker so acts slightly differently to Bisoprolol which, as you know, is a beta blocker. Perhaps this is why you're now getting problems with red wine, although some people are affected by even a small amount of alcohol and have had to give it up altogether, which does take the fun out of life a bit.

  • Sorry to hear about your AF. I gave up everything alcoholic, with the exception of a glass of red wine. I am on Bisoprolol/Digoxin mixture. I had to give even the red wine up three weeks ago after a particularly bad spell. Now tee-total. Trying toxonvince myself it will be for the best........the one I really miss is my Gin and Tonic

  • My EP said to avoid all alcohol

  • And mine (in the U.S.) said alcohol is okay in moderation. Doesn't seem to trigger my AF at all.

  • I was in diltiazem before my ablation and got on very well with it. I also drink red wine, just a glass or so a day, and it didn't affect it. I gave up all alcohol for a month once to try it out and it had no impact.

  • A lot of AFers, including me, find that red wine is the worst. Beer, bourbon ( in moderation, of course), no problem; red wine- problem.

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