Hello AF folks. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with PAF, at that time very few incidents. Lately I've been having LOTS more events.

Can you please describe your feelings when in AF? I also have Left Bundle Branch Block so I'm unsure what the symptoms are. What I'm trying to describe is feeling ok, heart in rhythm and then for no apparent reason, my heart will go into chaotic flutter mode, for a few seconds, probably no more that 5-6 seconds, during which time my head feels faint, and weird. It's most odd...

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  • That sounds about right and you are fortunate it settles so quickly.

    If you purchase an AliveCor you can get definite ecg evidence

  • I've bought a Boots BP monitor with AF test but haven't been able to pick it up in time. It's scary.

  • No a bp monitor will only detect it if it lasts a few minutes

  • Indeed. So what does AliveCor do?

  • It will give you an ecg tracing. They cost about £100. Check it out

  • I looked on their website just going to order one, can you confirm I'm getting just the little item you put fingers on compatible with iPhone 6s? £99. Free delivery, I don't want to order the wrong thing. Many thanks for your invaluable advice.

  • There's a compatibilitylist on the website and the 6s is on it, but check it for yourself to be sure

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