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I go into AFIB about every other week. Very painful for me. Pain in chest, arm, dizziness, sweats, usually head hurts too. I had triple bypass in 1998 and AFIB began couple of years ago. I usually would have to be admitted and put on meds. I've had a cardioversion and one year ago had an ablation. AFIB has continued and is getting worse. I am on blood thinners. My doctor has given me two options, Tikosyon or another ablation. My first ablation took 6-7 hours under anesthesia and another 6 hours lying on back. Caused severe back pain for a long period of time and no relief from AFIB. With the Tikosyon option I would be hospitalized for 3-4 days to determine dosage. If anyone is on this medication I would love to know how it is working for you. I am leaning towards this option.

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Juju, everyone is different, but I can say Tikosyn has been great for me. Just had my 3rd ablation (over a period of ~5 years) a month ago. Needed a cardioversion (my 12th) about a week later. So I knew I needed meds, at least until the heart heals from the procedure. I've tried several other anti-arrhythmics. Some didn't work, others had bad side effects. On Tikosyn for a couple weeks now, and it's been great. Other than being in NSR non-stop, I wouldn't know I'm on medication. I don't need any rate control meds (which I don't tolerate well) and can lead a normal active life. Tikosyn is a potent med, and it's important to get the dose right (reason for hospital stay), take it like clockwork, and watch for interactions with any new meds. But I'd say go for it. And best wishes for NSR!


Thank you for your response. I'm thinking now that I might want to get second opinion from another EP. I don't hear of too many people that have pain with their AFIB. When I've questioned my dr about this, his reply was that some people have blue eyes and some have brown. I've learned much from this site and I'm hopeful there will more options for me.


On June 21 of last year I had a cardiac arrest on my second dose of tykosyn while in the hospital. It did return me into NSR after 8 hours from the first dose. All the other times required a cardio version, no medication had ever cardio verted me so I was excited about my response to the drug. The drug is a miracle for some people, just not for me. I will also add that my entire life I have had a very slow heart rate, bradycardia. I have read the slow heart rate may contribute to my reaction to that drug. I like to hear the positive and negative. Sometimes the negative is not posted, they are deceased... I have no heart disease, just afib. They revived me and emergency surgery for a pacemaker as well. I am now on a low dose of flecainide 50 mg twice a day and metoprolol 25 mg twice a day. Am doing well.


Thank you for your response. That sounds very scary to me. Glad you are better.

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