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Anxiety and reiki , hypnotherapy treatment

Thinking of having reiki, hypnotherapy to combat anxiety and panic attacks whilst I wait to see cardiologist following being diagnosed on th 19th of last month - seems like a lifetime ago!

On another health issue I'm due to have a bowel and body CT scan in 2weeks time,whilst being a little apprehensive about this procedure my main worry is that it might affect my AF and send my heart rate soaring again ( 180 on admittance to hospital on the 19th )

Should I make a private appointment with my Cardiologist before this procedure as I do not have a follow up Clinic date as yet

Your thoughts on these matters would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


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I recently had one of these. I was also concerned so I rang my arrhythmia nurse who said that the main concern was keeping hydrated during the colon preparation. I made sure I drank at least 200 mls of fluid every hour and all was well. Good luck. X


I have Reiki and acupuncture on a regular basis to slow me down and quieten my over-busy mind. No side effects so I would strongly recommend. I have also found reflexology good. Check out your local practitioners and find one you feel drawn to. Good luck.


@A-U-B-Y I think that just the ct scan has no effect on your afib, but that is if you are not using a contrast agent, which may be very bad for afib and some should not even be used with afib. If they want to give you a contrast and you do not want one, nj just tell them definately not. They cannot force you. However you may want to aks your doctor about these things.


I would always go for a private cardio appointment to reduce anxiety.


You may find that yogic breathing - inhale for a count, hold for a count, exhale for a count may work to slow your heart rate and calm you. CT scans with and without contrast haven't bothered my AF; if it is a contrast scan ask them to check the pressure before the scan.

Colonoscopy is not an issue. You can have a sedative, gas an air, or nothing. I've tried each of them. The preparation is the important thing and Moviprep works best for me.


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