Echo and confused

Been to have an echo this afternoon, I was there all of 15mins, the person doing the test didn't seem overly concerned and said that whatever I have had as disappeared, I told him that I didn't feel as if anything had disappeared. I also mentioned that I had been experiencing a bit of chest pain and he said chest pain could relate to a lot of things and left it at that. Came home feeling a bit lost and felt as if it was a waste of time going. I have PAF would this probably have not shown on echo. I think he was more happy to chat about me living on the isle of wight when I had my last echo many years ago than any concerns I had.

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  • Hi colkat

    An echo operator is not a doctor, and they are simply doing some measurements, taking some pictures and looking at the structure of the heart from the outside. Certainly when I had both of mine they would not tell me anything, and said the doctor will have the images in a few hours.

    Your doctor/EP will be able to intrepret the results for you.

    Be well


  • Thankyou Ian, its all a bit overwhelming at the moment, think I'm trying to run before I can walk and also a bit impatient

  • I would endorse what Beancounter has just said . The operator is a technician and not supposed to discuss the results with you even if able to.

    You will know the results in due course so dont feel disheartened.

  • I agree. The operator is checking measurements. valve operation . blood flow through the heart and all the mechanical functions NOT anything to do with the electrics which is what AF is. You apparently have a mechanically normal heart which is good news and often the case with people who have AF so don't be confused be happy.

  • It certainly sounds like the technician didn't notice anything of concern to them

  • Same here - I kept asking questions too as I was newly diagnosed and worried. All I could get by way of reply was that they didn't see anything terribly interesting.

    Keep calm - your physician will be able to give you the full picture.

  • Thank you all for your replies, I am so pleased i have found you all its reassuring to know that theres always someone at the other end !!

  • 15mins seems to be very fast all of mine have taken about 1 hr

  • May depend upon the technician, the equipment and what they are asked to look for.

  • Mine took about 30mins, but I am quite stocky thought he was going to bust a rib lol. He did ask what problem I was having and go on to explain his role and he was looking a the blood flow, valves ,heart walls etc . The report is sent to your cardiologist and acted on accordingly. They technician did not discuss his findings with me and I did not ask.

  • It's possible he talked about the Isle of Wight to distract you and avoid answering questions which are not really his to answer.

  • @colkat the echo being good means your heart is mechanically normal and all your valves function normally. Your only problem is electricaal That is great news. If you were a house., this would be like the plumbing and the walls, floors insulation chimney roof and other structures are perfect but you had to redo the elctrical wiring. That is not such a bad report.

    This means you have a strong healthy heart. That is great, as some peole do not--and they are really in a mess. The checkup was just eliminating any other possible problems. that's what doctors are supposed to do.

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