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Post ablation appointment

Went for my follow up today and actually saw my proper cardiologist. Went ok but left with 3 options. 1. Leave everything as it is but stay on all meds. 2. Do another ablation as other one not totally successful. 3. Do ablate and pace but given my age he doesnt really want to go down that road. So we decided on my having another mri to check on heart function as I have other heart problems as well as af. He will discuss my case with other members of his team.

So left it at see him in 12 weeks but stay on all meds for now. After mri a decision will be made on what next.

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Well, it's not too bad to be staying as you are - better than adding some mediation, although it's always nice to be able to give something up. Hopefully your MRI will be good and a more informed decision will be possible next time.


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