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AF / AT ? Confused

Hi everybody

Wonder if anyone can help? I am 47 year old female. I have been diagnosed with focal atrial tachycardia and currently take propranolol 10mg 3 X per day. I had

an EP study in November last year as cardiologist thought I may need ablation, unfortunately it didn't work. Just wondering if anyone else has same condition, and how do you feel? What medication do you take. Thanks

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My understanding is that AT is a regular dysrythmia whereas AF is irregular, irregularity. What they share is there is often a fast heartbeat - tachycardia.

The medications are normally anti-coagulation because the risk for us AFers are clots forming during episodes which cause stroke so AC's reduce the risk of that happening - not sure that would be pertinent in AT? - beta blockers (anything endingn in 'LOL' basically) or calcium channel blockers - to reduce the heart rate, which would probably be similar to those prescribed for AT and rhythm drugs which are only appropriate to those with rhythm issues such as AF or AFl.

I think the similarity would be that they may both be caused by dysfunction of the sinus node.

Hope that helps. Proviso - I am not medically trained so just what I have experienced or read.

Not seen that mentioned on this forum before.


Thank you CDreamer I currently take Propranolol 10mg x 3. After the EP study (unsuccessful ablation) the EP suggested it maybe better to take Flecanide as a pill in the pocket, after I read up about it I decided to stick with Propranolol, which is OK but puts my already low blood pressure lower so feel dizzy a lot of the time.


Hi Marion. I also have AT as well as AF. My heart goes much faster in AT than when I am in AF. I also had an ablation which was unsuccessful. I was told my arrhythmias are multifocal and complex to treat. I take 7.5mg Bisoprolol per day and 10mg Apixaban. (anti coagulation... Though debatable whether I need it. I feel safer on it due to AF). I often feel as though I am about to faint when in arrhythmias... When I have been on telemetry doctors have said I often go into a mixture of all sorts of atrial tachyarrythmias so I maybe that accounts for that. Hope you be there sorted. If your AT is straightforward maybe another ablation would be possible? I know someone who had a couple before her AT was sorted but I am sure your EP would have suggested this as he or she knows most about your condition. Take care :)

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