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I'm not sure if I'm in persitant AF? Confused

Hi, I'm confused about AF..still! I'm on all the meds as needed for this and I feel on top of the world as if I have no problems at all. I have been diagnosed with Paroxymal Af. When I take my resting heart rate (manually) its at about 60/63 so all s good there, but its not regular, it slows down and seems to catch up. Its not crazy irregular, jus steady away and my hearts not pounding, jus maybe a couple of times a day for seconds it goes into overdrive. . But is this Permanent AF because of the irregular beat? Or Paroxymal because it pounds a couple of times per day? I'm confused. Thankyou.(Id like to say I know I'm one of the lucky ones after reading bits on here, and I wish everyone well.)

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Paroxysmal AF comes and goes. If your rate is a regular beat even if it does speed or slow (your heart is supposed to do that) it is not AF. AF is irregular irregular with no discernible rhythm at all. like a bag of frogs. Have you had a proper holter monitor test over say 24 or 48 hours to get a proper diagnosis?


Hi I havnt had a holter, I'm in uk Bob don't know if we have them. Ive not heard of it. Ah you see I hadn't realised the heart speeds up and slows down for everyone. I thought that was the AF.


When you move or do anything the demand on your heart changes hence the rate. Similarly when you are asleep it runs slow and when you get frightened it speeds up. Yes we are a UK based organisation and holter monitors are part of being diagnosed for many people. How were you diagnosed?


I had a massive attack during the night last Sept when I had been downstairs. Went to hospital 2 days later as the doctor didn't turn in for work, the receptionist told me to go to A&E. I was put on a heart machine and my rate was all over hitting 186 at times. Later I had the ECG and they diagnosed Parox AF. That's all the tests Ive had. Now I'm on Pradaxa, b blockers, statins and angina meds. I do feel as if Ive just been given the whole lot without enough tests, but that may be me not accepting the condition (always been fit and healthy so its come as a shock) The trouble is I darnt not take the meds, Ive never even heard of AF but I don't want to take unnecesary meds either. Thankyou BobD youre very kind.


Some people's heart's change rate slightly as they breathe, I think this is supposed to be quite a good thing! Shows you are fit apparently.... If it changes a lot it is something else but not AF.

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Could be true because I was very fit until I darnt do much now since the attack. Now I'm not fit and the b blockers stop me from "getting there". I run out of puff and my legs just pack in too easily. Crap int it. Thanks for your answer.


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