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New Years Day

Well, finished new years dinner, about to settle down to a quiet afternoon, and my heart starred off, next thing I knew I has again in the back of my head, and I was on the floor having bashed the back of my head on a door frame. New years afternoon in A&E, no fast heartbeats while wired up (of course), but did happen when the paramedic first arrived, and she caught it while feeling my pulse. Left tired with headache and aching limbs.

Half hour wait on a trolley outside A&E, and two ECGs latter, sent home. ECGs did show lots of early beats.

Serves me right for wishing for a healthy new year.

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Sorry to hear this news Paddinton. Unfortunately quite a few of us on this forum had episodes over the holiday period. All that over-eating I guess. Hope you are feeling well now.


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Just a thought. Do you have a hiatus hernia? A large or spicy meal can aggravate the hernia, squeeze the vagus nerve which can effect the heart and trigger AFs. I always try to eat little and often, rather than a large meal, and avoid spicy food.


Not as far as I know. I do avoid spicy food as that does set it off. I had been having short episodes all morning, just that this one must have lowered my blood pressure more than normal. Thanks for the tip though.


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