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... and it's back

I was convinced the Diltiazem was doing its job really well and was beginning to think I could start making plans for the future, days out, holidays etc, but it was not to be. I went back into AF and then atrial tachycardia about 30 hours ago and it's still thumping away. Have phoned the arrhythmia nurses in Bristol to see if I should up the dose of Diltiazem but won't do anything until I've heard from them. I just hope it won't be another four weeks of this, like last time, we shall see.

On the other hand, the mole on my arm I was keeping a close eye on since it suddenly turned black and a weird shape has disappeared, so not a sign of incipient melanoma, more probably a wart, which is a relief. Every cloud etc ....

Happy New Year everyone.

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Diltiazem will only usually slow it down not stop it I'm afraid. Maybe time to start thinking of alternatives. Hard luck. Good news on the "wart".


Thanks Bob, not sure about alternatives having tried just about everything, but who knows. I'm waiting on the kind of thing Dr McCoy used in Star Trek, a special scanner that's waived over the body and then heals where it's needed ... who knows, I may only have to wait another 100 years or so, ha ha.


What a pain. I hope your arrhythmia nurse can help. Have you had disopromide or dronedorone yet ( not sure of spelling ). Im interested as Im not sure what is next for me either if the next stress test shows continued widening of QS complex due to flecanide use.

I really hope you get some relief from this sooner than last time. X


Hi Jane, I haven't tried dronedarone or disopyramide yet, so there's a couple of meds that may be useful for me but that's no help to you at the moment, sorry. When's your stress test? Isn't this condition a pain!

My arrhythmia nurse phoned me back after speaking to my EP and suggested I take an extra dose of Diltiazem, so will see whether that achieves the hoped for outcome. However, I still think I made the right choice not to take a chance on another ablation while I was in sinus rhythm, best to leave it til there really is no alternative.

All the best, Kate x

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Hi. My stress test is early January. To some extent I have stopped worrying as much as I used to. I realised a little while ago that I could easily waste my life worrying about what will happen next! However,it would of course be good to know the big picture. My E.P. likes to meter out knowledge of the future in small doses. Good job I have this forum. I am usually ahead of his game so whatever he tells me, it is no suprise. So far this approach has worked for us both. Good luck with the extra diltiazem. X

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If it's any help to you, I've been on all the drugs for AF and the only one which works for me, albeit not100% , is Disopyramide.



Thanks, that is good to know. X


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