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12 months since successful ablation now getting lots of ectopics

Hi I'm a bit worried, I had my ablation in January this year and after a few blips have been AF and palpitation free since May - has been wonderful to stop thinking about and listening to my heart. However over the past few weeks I have been getting palpitations at night, just short runs which I believe are ectopics, certainly nothing like the AF episodes I used to get. But they were becoming more frequest. Then yesterday at work I became quite dizzy , when I checked my pulse it was erratic, again ectopics I think but frequent. I had to come home from work as felt so weird.They stopped after lying and relaxing, but again today they have started again this afternoon. Seems to be a few odd beats per minute. Would like your feedback what do you think, is this still part of healing process from ablation or an indication that my AF might be coming back. Should I be thinking of going back onto meds

Flecainide and Verapamil - stopped these in May only take Apibaxon now.

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It's best to ask your consultant about meds but if you are having some small runs of AF it may well be that there are small areas which have healed and so are allowing the errant signals through- this would only require a touching up process if so- so don't be too worried.

I wonder if you have an Alive Cor/ Kardia you could capture the runs and see what they are- otherwise try to get to GP or A and E to have an ECG done


Speak to the arrhythmia nurse where you had the ablation or if not then the EP's secretary. I would suggest that you go to your GP and demand an ECG when it is happening. I made arrangements so that I could pop in at a moment's notice should it occur. Make sure that you ask for a copy and either post or e mail it to your EP.


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