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Long awaited results!!!

Followers of my posts will recall that I was requesting a view last October, which I finally had, and also an echocardiogram in September. At last I have got results of both........

The echo was described as "generally favourable", the mitral valve leak "mild to moderate",....,,my consultants advice to my GP was to repeat at least once every 2 years, unless i develop any further symptoms, i.e breathlessness, as there was some minor structural disease apparent, on my last echo'

My permanent AF has " nowhere else to go" quote, and is currently stable, with the meds I am taking........

This review has been quite reassuring but bear in mind, it has taken over a year to accomplish this.......if you don't think you are getting enough in the way of "care or treatment" , my advice is .....pester!

I am sure that talking about the AFA and advice and guidance given by them, I think got me the long overdue review!!

See my other post about waiting lists/backlog on the Isle of Wight!

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Good news, and welcome to persistent but no symptons club....

Be well



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