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ah introduction


I am Alan ,i just had my first ablation 16 days ago, after 2 cardio versions ,and one return to rhythm with extra drugs, for persistent A.F, the ablation was Pullman vein, and the method crio,

i came to the site because even in AF ,i never felt quite this ill.the answer seem to be patience?

the procedure was quite painfull, and i heard one of them say they had touched the valve with the ballon. just breathless ,dizzy and with a headache now.

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Very early days yet Alan. It takes three months minimum for the heart to recover so you must take it easy for a while yet.

Thanks BOB, i am in Very West somerset, so not far away.Sorry the pullman is the auto spell,still hope to get my heart running like a train, there again; i guess that ,like, the ablation and, every thing is down to the operator


Hi Alan, Sixteen days is still very early in the blanking process as your heart has been through A LOT and has a lot of healing to go through. I hope you are taking it really slowly to maximize your body's best healing efforts. If you have sudden changes in how you are feeling I would call your EP and let him/ her know. Meanwhile, heal gently and be patient.

Welcome Alan! Early days yet (speaking from experience I've had 7x Cardioversions and 2x Ablations.

If you need any help and advice just ask

Thanks guys what a great place this is,spoke, to the arrhythmia nurse, on Tuesday ,and off for a appointment and a echo tomorrow,well hotel tonight as it,s early.

I am still finding every day tasks hard,and reading other posts ,i am surprised the cryo ablation was only under sedation, they said i felt it more than most,

i guess i should mention the vale issue to the consultant, i believe ,there was someone learning there trade involved.it was not the consultants voice who mentioned touching the valve, i don,t know if it even has any bearing,and i was sedated.

there was no valve disease diagnosed before.

but i feel so much worse than before ,when i was in rhythm,even just getting dressed,getting off the toilet, cause some element of breathlessness.

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