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Blood pressure monitor question


After being discharged from consultant and refered back to docs for care of my permanent AF I had my regular BP appointment with the specialist nurse. Was 132/83 so was told all fine.

She however said would like to monitor over a week for double check so sent home with an OMRON M2 monitor

Thing is it works first time on rest of family but I have to repeat test many times to get a reading is this normal?


I am one of those with very few symptoms so Slozem and ramipril plus warfarin seem to keep me stable


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These machines are notoriously bad at giving results if you have AF. It so confuses the machine that it gives up an error code usually. I am amazed the nurse didn't realise this.



I have a cuff monitor and record my bp and hr each night ( if I remember) when I'm sat quietly in my chair. I can then give the list to the Cardiologist or EP. I always take 3 readings as it can be erratic. My GP checked it and thought it was OK.

I know that I have low blood pressure. I have passed it on to my sons. BUT whenever I go to a surgery or hospital my bp is on the high side of normal. When you cannot access a hospital because of road works and your appointment time is looming then it's no surprise that your bp and hr are soaring! In my case these high results are on my records with no explanation and this gives a very wrong impression of my health.


That rings so many bells with me, jenny dog! It's surprising how many doctors are happy if you monitor pressures and heart rates. I find that they won't ask you to do this (fear of having to provide everyone with the gear?) but are pleased when you do. I too get erratic readings at times and I'm never sure whether that's me or the machine! All in all, it will give the doctors a fair idea of where you are 'ticker wise' and show any major variations.

Like you, my BP usually soars whenever I have it taken at the hospital, even though the parking arrangements have improved greatly! It's something to do with nurses/doctors/hospital smells with me!


Yes, you're absolutely right. I am surprised that both the Cardiologist and EP seem keen to scan my tatty list on a foolscap sheet. The GP actually asked if she could keep one. I also write 'poor day' or 'breathless' too.

I would advise everyone else to do this. They won't think that you're neurotic either. It gives them an impression of the gravity of the problem.


An Omron M3 gives a reading but shows a little wobbly heart if you have AF. I used it last time I had a bad episode and the result was about the same as the hospital monitor. So you need an upgrade!

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Will ask


Yes my monitor often gives an error message, I think it depends what the pulse rate is doing, it doesn't seem to like missed beats. I note you are in permanent AF, do you still feel as if your heart is jumping and bumping around? I have been permanently if AF for 3 weeks now (awaiting cardio appointment), Bisoprolol has bought rate down to 75 - 90 bpm but still have this very unpleasant feeling and find it difficult to sleep. Still trying to get INR in range.


Think the only way to describe it is that I have adjusted to the jumping and bumping and only really notice if I overdo it or get infections kindly donated by the grand kids :)

Having bad asthma day due to pollen today so noticing the AF.

Otherwise not bad being peanent.


Permanent :(


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