Just had an ablation for Atrial Flutter

Hi I posted two months ago that I went to my local accident and emergency to get an ECG recording of my atrial flutter episode .Following this episode I had an ablation last Monday . My EP was really pleased with how it went and I have recovered very quickly. He has booked for me to have an echocardiogram next month .Is it normal for this to happen, and would it be likely that my heart would have suffered some structural damage as a result of the numerous episodes of afib and to episodes of atria flutter.

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  • Who knows. Pretty standard to have an echo. I have one every time I see the heart valve consultant and often when I see the EP.

  • I think this is just establishing a base line to be honest. Don't worry.

  • Have you ever had an echo to date? if not then it is standard from what i know. i have daily arrythmias and had an echo on first being diagnosed just over 3 years ago with paroxysmal arrythmias ( it was fine) but have had none since. i had an (unsuccessful) ablation 2 years ago and have never had an echo since and have ongoing daily episodes. Best wishes with your recovery..great news:)

  • Thanks for all of your responses . I must admit to being a little apprehensive about having the echo. I did have an echo some five years ago when I returned home to the UK . But as you guys point out it is normal procedure for my EP to check everything is okay.

    I must agree with Bob that I would rather have an ablation than route canal treatment .

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