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Vitamin D

Hi everyone

I hope you are all well. Unfortunately, I have not been feeling well and had some blood tests and have been told I am borderline Vitamin D deficient. I also have high inflammatory markers.

Does anyone know if there is a link between Vit D and AF? My AF is currently not causing me any problems and I want to keep it that way.

I had more blood taken yesterday and if the Vit D is the same I will be prescribed a course of tablets.



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My doctor prescribed vitD 3 for me and I take one every morning they have really helped me feel well and look well. Hope they do the same for you.


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My impression is that Vitamin D can only help, both your general health and the AF. It is even more effective if you take a multi-vitamin-and-mineral at the same time, as they all work together, so the extra Vitamin D will be utilized more effectively by your body

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Even though I live in a sunny country most of the year, I was diagnosed as severely deficient. It was after I had been too conscientious with using sun protection cream. That is another story. I now believe Vit D is a protection against skin cancer. I noticed I was not shrugging off the annual colds etc easily. So I got it tested, sure enough, I was near danger level.

It is well known that Expats have this problem -- we are experts at avoiding the sun!

Is there a link with AF? Probably, Indirectly.

Beware though over-doing it. This report seems as up to date now as ever. it is a strange web reference, it redirects to a pdf entitled: Vitamin D guidance Summary guideline January 2011. Barts and the London

I now take 2000IU daily, during the winter six months.


My daughter's Vit D levels were practically zero, the nurse said she wasn't sure how Jenny was still standing - she said smartly "cussedness and having to"... But tablets have worked and I'm sure they will do the same for you. They will make a big difference. Jen doesn't have AF though. Not sure I've ever seen anything to suggest a link.

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Here's the skinny on vitamin d

I am surprised by the number of people I know, including 1 of my children, found to be deficient - we all live north of the equator where sun exposure is oft times reduced - I take 2000 IU per day - D is also readily available in salmon and sardines

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We never had vit d levels measured until recent years and now about half of the uk population will have a low level in the winter months.

Deficiency is a level of 25(oh)d of less than 20 or 25 in some guidelines. If yours is above this then it's simply lifestyle advice on improving diet and Sun exposure. No know association with af.

Do you know your level?

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My level was 27.8 nmol/L. The stated range on my results are <25 deficient, 25-50 insufficient, 50-75 adequate and >75 optimal.

I've since had another blood test to check my calcium level and have been advised today that I will be getting a Vit D prescription this week.

Apart from giving children rickets, I'm not sure the medical profession truly understands the role of Vit D.


There's been a major increase in routine vitamin d use for at risk groups (children, pregnancy and elderly) and vit d testing for numerous symptoms. Yes rickets is more common than previously but still only 700 diagnosed in uk each year, whereas upto 30 million have low vit d levels.

The medical profession has led this change and understanding is improving.


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