Second Ablation

Hi just a update on my previous post C V /Ablation , I did go ahead with my Ablation yesterday and all went really well back home with lots of R/R in the next week so glad I made the decision to have operation hopefully might have seen the last of AF will have to wait and see everything crossed , thank you all for your support on my previous posts.

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  • Good to hear all went well. Please let us know how you get on over the next few weeks.

  • Thanks for your reply , relized last night was my first night home lots of pain and discomfort which my AF nurse did warn me about ,, taking pain killers every four hours , on s positive note no AF at the moment .

  • Glad you are doing well. I had my second ablation on 11/9. . I started to have PAC continuously for 3 days now. My Dr put me on metoprolol 25 mg once daily but it is not helping. I have an appointment with my doctor today. Hopefully there will be a resolution.

  • Hmm, I know we're all different but I never had any pain or discomfort after my 3 ablations. Apart from one evening when I had a sharp pain that made me think I was having a heart attack, but no other soreness or aches at all. Good to hear you've had no AF.

  • Have to say my first ablation did not give me the awful pain I had last night rang my AF nurse and he said to change my pain killers and if it does not settle down over the weekend to go To AE perish the thought will keep you posted .

  • Good luck hope your Doc can help you out I too am on Metoprolol I find it Ok .Take Care

  • Best wishes for a gentle recovery. I too had no pain whatsoever following my two ablations. Is it just luck, skill of the doctor, complications of the procedure or more probably just the way us individuals react differently to all sorts of things. It's a funny old life.

  • Thank you for your reply feelings a little better will have a lazy few days .

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