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Ablation - Second Procedure


Greetings All, I had my second Ablation on Tuesday, April 30 in NYC. Home now and feeling tired, sore and a little beaten up. Doctor thinks it all went well and rest and time will tell. I was much stronger and more prepared mentally and physically this time. Please if anyone is hesitating about the procedure, research and find the team that works best for you. I am happy I did my homework and research. I would not hesitate to do it again. All the anti arrhythmia drugs failed for me, but I am on metoprolol taurtrate, Eliquis, colchicine, fosinopril, and Crestor. I wish all of you the best and continued success with your AFIB care. One of the nurses was 24 years old and has Afib. She has been on flecinide for two years. She was having her ablation next month. Amazing how this condition hits at any age. Have a great weekend. We have rain in the forecast for the next week!!!

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Pleased to hear your ablation is done and dusted and wish you well for a good recovery. Rest plenty and enjoy your nsr. Best wishes.

Rebma in reply to meadfoot

Thank you and wish for nsr for all. Best to you. Get this Afib behind us all forever.

Hi Rebma,

I am happy you are doing well and would recommend the procedure. I am having my first Ablation in Seattle on June 24. Hope it goes well,

Rebma in reply to Slattery

You will do fine. Glad you have a date. Read all you can about procedure. Best wishes. Keep us posted.

I'm pleased to hear that your ablation went well. It must have been comforting to have a nurse caring for you who really understood just what it's like to have AF.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and calm heart.


Good morning Jean, thank you. I so enjoy your posts and responses. You are a very kind and positive person. I believe you keep us “sane”. Again, thank you for always being there. One of these days I hope to bring my husband and attend one of your breakfasts.

We have a lot of meds in common - had my ablation last October and so far, so good. Asking about gout as you mention colchicine which I had to take to pain after ablation and then was prescribed for gout which wasn't diagnosed until December...initial diagnosis was cellulitis. Had two more attacks since then and will begin alpurinal next week, but wondering if there's some connection with gout and afib.... I also got set up with CPAP in that same time frame, but am still experiencing high heart rate(always in high 80's low 90's) so metoprolol isn't really doing the job. Don't feel bad but am alarmed at the quantity of pills I take! Two for BP, plus Crestor and Cymbalta, and now Elliquis and the others mentioned. Yikes!

Rebma in reply to WallMatt

I know what you mean. Colchicine for one week before ablation and for one month after. He said it will help with inflammation. He wanted me on amiodrone for one month. but I refused after being on it last year and had issues with my eyes and thyroid. I have a kardia and take my heart rate. Doctor advised me to contact him and we will work through any issues.Even though all the anti arrithymia drugs failed me before he said if needed we could try again. I am hoping this beast is behind me forever. So glad you are doing well. My doctor said heart rate will be 10 to 20 points higher than before until my heart settles. They say afib and depression/anxiety are first cousins. Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

WallMatt in reply to Rebma

Seems like some things just travel together when it comes to illnesses...I've been taking Cymbalta (or its generic) for close to 15 years for fibromyalgia /depression and it also helped with back pain so I've kept it rather than try anything new. Good luck with your procedure; I thought it was no biggie until that chest pain showed up 36 hours later. My EP said he used to write the cochicine Rx for everyone but so few patients needed it that he stopped! After that it was more feeling tired or unmotivated off and on for a month or so...not my usual style but it worked!!!

Looks like my reply has been overcome by events. I can say my wife had ablation done for heart flutter and is doing very well. She is 75 and takes Eliquis, while I am 79 and also take Eliquis. We have both done well on this drug, both having been prescribed to treat AFib. Hope you live long and do well.

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